Bosch Best Selling Mini Handhold Rechargeable Screwdriver

The budget you must get a screwdriver that provide you value for the money. The cordless screwdriver is a crucial part of equipment and is able to make your life a whole lot simpler. After you have chosen the proper cordless screwdriver for your demands, you can be sure you have the one which is going to be the best for the sort of jobs that you wish to do with it. Repairing is not only about making your environment comfortable – it is also about the process.

Bosch Mini Handhold Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver is a perfect tool to make the process comfortable. This adjustable smart Screwdriver tool works from just pushing – there is no need to manually hold the button. The speed of rotation varies from 0 to 360 RPM, the device is designed for both home and industrial exploitation. You can switch speeds with your thumb which id quick and easy.

Bosch Mini Handhold Adjustable Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver

The charging time is only 1.5h, the charging port supports micro USB chargers. The screwdriver is equipped with power indicator, which will draw your attention once the device needs charging. The maximum size of the screw is 5mm. The handle is designed for comfortable usage – the screw doesn’t flip out of hands. Finally, there are 6 gears that you can use depending on your needs. Portability of the Bosch Cordless screwdriver is really portable.


    • Adjustable speed
    • Power indicator
    • 1.5 hours to recharge
    • 360 RPM
    • Voltage: 3.6V
    • ●Max torque: 5 – 2.5N.m,
    • 6 gears
    • Max diameter of screw: 5mm
    • Lithium-ion battery: 1.5A

Bosch Mini Adjustable Screwdriver with LED Indicator

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