Boost Sound on MacBook and iMAC With Twelve South BassJump 2 Subwoofer

When you’re looking for a laptop, MacBook is always a perfect choice in terms of performance and functionality. MacBooks are flawless in most aspects including work, entertainment, and so on. Speaking of entertainment, laptops are already our portable TVs, movie theatres and music stations. And what do all these things have in common? They all depend on sound. So, for people, who put sound quality in the first place, there is a great Mac gadget to improve the sound performance of your MacBook or iMAC speakers and boost the sound volume – Twelve South BassJump 2.

BassJump 2 is a compact USB-powered subwoofer that transforms your MacBook or iMac into a sound system. Thanks to BassJump 3.0 Software Update, users get a combination of the audio from MacBook speakers and the low frequency bass from the subwoofer. The results are breathtaking. The sound becomes much clearer and richer. Whether you’re blasting your favourite tunes on iTunes, watching a movie or playing a game, BassJump 2 does its job beautifully. This is a must-have accessory if you plan to “movie night” or a party. You don’t even need a home theatre – any film will sound incredible with BassJump 2.

Boost MacBook Sound with BassJump

All of this power comes from the 77mm subwoofer speaker cone inside this little device. With the wide frequency range (50Hz-20kHz) and 80dB of noise, it is quite a powerful accessory. Also, it offers users a few settings: Default, Pop, Rock, Classical, R&B, and Custom. There’s something for any music fan.

Besides, this accessory is a great addition to your home décor. It doesn’t take much space and looks elegant at the same time. The aluminium coating and a metal weave grille make it look like a speaker and essentially it is. Only it streams amplified audio from your MacBook. By the way, the connection couldn’t be simpler – BassJump 2 comes with a USB-C cable just for that.

To sum it up, Twelve South BassJump 2 is a practical accessory which brings the audio performance of your MacBook to another level. If you often use your laptop for entertainment, this is a must-have accessory for you.