Boombotix Best Selling Wireless Speaker with Subwoofer Dock

If you would like a rather high quality audio performance that provides crisp and very clear sound then stop here only and do it. Providing a large sound stage from a little speaker is something that Boombotix has ever been amazing at. Boombotix Boombot Bass Station Bluetooth Wireless Speaker would be a perfect way to make a party or BBQ better and would make you satisfied with the amazing sound quality! The wireless speaker will provide you with great music due to dual high performing speakers. The gadget features a built-in storage of 2GB to let you save up to 250 of your favorite songs. The standby time is 14 days while the playing time is 8 hours.

The wireless speaker can be connected to any laptop or smartphone via high-performing Bluetooth 4.0 for better sound quality. The speaker weights 232g therefore it is portable and compact. The smart speaker is also compatible with Siri and Google Voice because of a built-in microphone. This means, you can also accept calls while playing the music. The transmission range is 10 meters, enough to leave the smartphone on 1 spot.

Boombotix Bass Station Bluetooth Speaker

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