Body Wearable Camera Captures Everything in Your View

Each of us has had a moment in our life, or an adventure, where we wish we had a small, portable action camera that can record all of our life long memories. Many action cameras are extremely pricy. In this review, however, we want to take a look at all of the specifications and features that the affordable Original SJCAM Laser Light Body Wearable Night Vision Action Camera which captures video around you.

This portable camera is wearable, where the back of the body has a clip to attach to your clothes, bicycle or any other suitable place. Size of this compact camera is only 8.30 x 5.80 x 4.00 cm, with the weight being just 134 grams. You will not even feel it, when it is clipped on! A 2.0-inch touch screen is also built in, for easy and quick previewing.

Original SJCAM A10 Camera

The F2.5 lens with an 140 degree wide angle, is sure to capture everything in your view as well. All details will not be missed out! In addition to that, SJCAM Wearable Action Camera has laser positioning, so that it can be precisely fixated, where finding the focus is not needed.

Wearable Camera

Infrared lights are also built in, so with this camera, one can capture different moments even in the darker parts of the day. Microphone in this action camera, is dual with noise reduction. Your voice and the surrounding sounds will be heard clearly, while background noise will be cancelled out. Many different modes are actually provided on this camera such as burst mode, video lapse, photo lapse, car mode and night mode.

Another useful and convenient feature of this Body Action Camera is that it can be used in any weather condition and even in water with the IP65 waterproof grade. It is also well protected from dust and other particles. 2650mAh battery that is installed into this SJCAM A10 charges via a USB cable in just about 3 hours, for up to 2 hours of working time. WiFi is built in, with up to 10 meters transmitting range, for sending different shots. Connection to your mobile device via an APP is also possible for regulation.

This Original SJCAM Night Vision Laser Light Body Wearable Action Camera is a great item to have. It is easy to mount and use at all times!

Laser Light Body Wearable Action Camera,
IP65 waterproof + IR-CUT night vision

Body Wearable Camera