Yolanda Bluetooth Smart Body Scale with Health Data App Control

Tracking our body weight and other parameters is something most of us do, and especially those who are trying to lose or gain weight. If you are looking for a multifunctional, modern and accurate scale for tracking your body condition, we recommend you look at the Yolanda Health Data App Control Bluetooth Smart Body Scale with BIA technology, that we have reviewed.

These scales are designed for accurate measurement of one’s body weight, muscle mass or fat layer, as well as visceral fat level, bone mass, BMI, basal metabolism rate, moisture mass and physical age. It is also possible to connect to an application on your phone, no matter if it is the iOS or Android system. After connection it is possible to get accurate information about a diet or exercise, specifically designed for your body, to ensure overall health. Your mobile phone will also help track your progress. You can add other users, to track the health of your family and friends, and even help them stay motivated. The case of the scale is covered with tempered glass, which provides with durability, and the installed LED display will turn on when you get up on the scale.

Yolanda Mini Bluetooth Smart Body Scale

The Yolanda scale has the latest BIA technology, for a high-precision evaluation of your body. Thanks to Dual-frequency technology, the accuracy of measuring data analysis increases by 80 percent, in contrast to the unstable and imperfect single frequency. The scale has 11 data points about the human body, which allows you to collect detailed information and make individual training programs and diets to ensure the health of your body.

4 high-precision sensors provide with accurate measurement of your weight up 150 kilograms with precision of 0.1 kilograms. It supports the app for iOS and Android, with connection via Bluetooth for quick collection of data regarding only your body, as well as of other added users. To turn on the scale, you do not need to press a button or twist something, you just need to stand on the scale. Yolanda Mini scale is powered by 4 x AAA batteries that are included. Screen size on it is 26 x 26cm, while the overall size 26.00 x 26.00 x 2.60 cm.

If you are interested in improving the quality of life and improving your body, the Yolanda Mini scale is certainly made for you. Masterfully following your body, you will know when and what you need to do to succeed, with all of the different calculations and results.

Smart Body Scale with Health Data App