BMW Scooter with an Electric Engine and Futuristic Design

BMW is famous all over the world for its cars and motorcycles. Plus, the company is engaged in the hi-tech industry using innovations to build revolutionary products. For example, during the exhibition Villa d’Este, BMW unveiled its concept of an electric scooter called Concept Link.

There are very few details available about this product but judging by the picture, Concept Link definitely presents the way scooters would look like in the future. Concept Link will be powered by an electric motor which is located right above the back wheel. The lower part will host the battery with luggage compartment on top of it. The compartment opens if the user passes his hand over it.

Concept Link doesn’t have a regular control panel. Instead, the scooter features a projected touchscreen panel and several control buttons on the handlebars. Another interesting detail about Concept Link is the presence of the reverse gear.

However, this is only a concept and it’s not certain that we’ll ever see this scooter on the roads. But we hope that BMW will do everything to bring this scooter to people all over the world.