Metal Surface Bluetooth Xiaomi Portable Mouse

Original Xiaomi Portable Mouse
Made out of ABS plastic material, this mouse is made to be long lasting and durable. Size of it is only 11.02 x 5.72 x 2.36 cm, while the weight is about 76 grams. Two AAA batteries power this Original Xiaomi Mouse, and the batteries tend to last for quite the time. Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Portable Mouse can be linked via Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4G. This makes it easy to connect to just about any gadget out there that is compatible.
The outer case of the mouse is made out of high quality aluminum alloy surface, that is somewhat comparable to that of a MacBook computer. Inside the mouse is a great and quality electric optical sensor, for smoothness and fluency. The interface is USB 2.0.
This Xiaomi bluetooth portable computer mouse is compatible with just about any operating system including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. When using it, the palm of your hand comfortably hugs the mouse, where no discomfort will be brought to you and will reduce tiredness. This is great for those who spend plenty of time within the day working behind a computer.
Metal Surface Original Xiaomi Portable Mouse is a great item for all notebook users and not only. It is sleek in size, and nice-looking in appearance. Usage will be smooth, without any interruptions and pauses. Body itself is also durable. The price of this Xiaomi mouse is moderately affordable, for its quality. Bring your attention to this item!

Metal Surface Xiaomi Bluetooth Portable Mouse
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Xiaomi Portable Mouse