High Speed 80mm Bluetooth Thermal POS Receipt Printer

Many of us have different offices and shops were receipts constantly need to be printed. Different printing machines can be bulky and heavy, as well as not the best quality, with different paper jams and more. To make it easier on everyone, there is a high quality ZJ-8002 High Speed Bluetooth Thermal POS 80mm Receipt Printer that will be very useful speed printing small machine, and we want to share about it in this review.

This receipt printer is of a compact and small size, making it very easy to move or bring along. The size of it is just about 4.13 x 3.94 x 1.65 inches, with a weight of only 0.2200 kg. Even though is has a small size, it offers a very stable performance and it is very reliable. To make the entire process easier and faster, this printer has a high printing speed or 70 mm per second. Words and numbers on the receipts all come out clean, with the high quality resolution of 8 dots per mm, or equivalent to 203 dpi.

80mm Bluetooth Thermal POS Receipt Printer

The printing width is 72 mm with a paper width of about 79.5 mm. Font of the prints is A 12 x 24 or B 9 x 17, with line space of 3.75 mm. Thickness of the installed paper into the printer is about 0.06 mm to 0.08 mm, making it great quality. For printing, it is compatible with many different softwares, and can be connected via USB, Bluetooth 2.0, or WiFi, whatever is more convenient for the user. 2000 mAh lithium detachable battery charges quickly and will last for quite the time. To help save electricity, which is very important, this receipt printer has an automatic sleep function, and an automatic wake when it needs to be used.

This portable thermal receipt printer is a convenient item for tax billing, administrative fees, restaurant ordering or for any other needed reason. It is made out of high quality, and will print clear and sharp receipts. Made to last for a long time, it works the best in temperatures of -10 to 50 degrees in Celsius, therefor it is made for just about any atmosphere. So if you are one searching for an affordable and great receipt printer, then bring your attention to this one.

Bluetooth Thermal POS Receipt Printer