Bluetooth Smart Body Weight Scale with App Control

Mengii L1200 Smart Body Fat Scale
As the manufacturer says, this Body Scale adopts High Precision Sensors, which enable stable and consistent weighing. One can also note that scales have round stable feet that hold it firmly on the surface. The device is compatible with Bluetooth function, it supports iPhone 4S and above, iPad iOS8.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above versions. This device can be connected to a Bluetooth APP, and the body measurements are sent instantly to your smartphone each time you step on. Mengii L1200 connects real-time body data to an app which has data charts, social media posting, and fitness tracking. This is right for you if you are that social-media type person and like to share your runs or gym snaps – now you can share your weightloss journey, using that as an additional motivation or communication path.
A little tip to ensure and maximize precision of the estimation is to only put the scales on even surface. Like, as even as possible – even a slight curve can spoil the estimation and make you weigh 50 kg in one corner and 53 in another. Also note, that persons with cardiac pacemakers and other medical equipment within ther body should not use this scales. Another advice is to be honest and realistic when choosing your activity level in the app input – otherwise the result won’t be right.
Generally speaking, Mengii L1200 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Body Fat Scale receives a thumbs up for slim and subtle design, intuitive operation and easy APP connection, portability and even baby scales function, as it recognizes weight from 0 to 180 kgs. A good gadget for a whole family for a reasonable price.

Bluetooth Smart Body Weight Scale
with App Control

Bluetooth Smart Body Weight Scale