Bluetooth Bicycle Computer With Smart Bike Navigation

Cars allow us to install different GPS navigators, but what do we do with motorcycles? What do we install? Well, Beeline Moto Waterproof Wireless Bicycle Computer has a smart bluetooth navigation system for Bikes. The GPS navigator will direct you wherever it’s needed simply. It will show you one big arrow that will point in the needed direction. It is that easy, where there are no complicated maps and full on instructions.

It has two different modes, route and compass mode. The screen of the navigator will show you the journey progress, the direction of the next turn, the current direction that you need to follow, the distance to the next turn, and metric units, as well as arrows to change the mode. Planning your needed route can be done quickly, as the navigation system connects to your mobile device via the Beeline app that you can install.

Bluetooth Bicycle Computer

Beeline – Smart Compass Navigation for Bikes
Bluetooth GPS Bicycle Computer, Waterproof and Wireless

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As well as all that, forget about needing to pay to update the map. Beeline is always on top of it from day one, with updated routes where internet connection is not needed.

Beeline Moto has a 350mAh battery installed, that is made to charge rather quickly and will last for up to 30 hours of usage time, more than many other similar items can provide. That’s all great, but it is also fully shockproof and IP67 grade waterproof! This wireless motorcycle smart navigation system is also extremely easy to install.

The Beeline Moto motorcycle smart navigation system is currently being offered on the kickstarter platform, as well as on Amazon for the best price. Bring your attention to this item, if you are a motorcycle rider.