Best HD Voice controlled portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit

To be able to make and receive calls hands-free while driving, you will need the Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD Voice controlled portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit. Unlike many other car kits available on the market today, this best selling small and well-thought comma-shaped gadget comes with a 3-watt speaker that produces HD-quality audio that is much better than that of the standard speakerphones. Position it on a sun visor and let it be your personal assistant.

If you are not making calls, you can use it as a GPS navigator or an audio system to listen to the music from your iPhone. This gadget “understands” voice commands so you can perform different actions without losing focus on the road. For example, to make a call, all you have to do is to say the name of the needed contact, and it will do the rest. This device is a lifesaver for those who spend much time steering a wheel.

Parrot HD Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit

The gadget is available in black color and is equipped with two contrast LED buttons – green and red – which accept calls, initiate voice commands, work with menus, and so forth. To turn up the volume of the speaker, scroll a rotary controller that is used for navigation of the mobile app menu as well. If you want to drive safe while enjoying the natural sound of your caller without any unusual noises from a distance, then you’d better opt for the Parrot MINIKIT Neo.