Face Tracking Time-lapse Shooting 3-axis Bluetooth Gimbal

3-axis stabilizer is far more better than two-axis at the moment on the marketplace. The stabilizer handle is among the most significant features, that’s often overlooked when purchasing a handheld stabilizer. No one wants to watch any sort of video that’s bouncing about, making you truly feel nauseous.

MarSoar Three-axis Bluetooth Gimbal is a very powerful gadget that will allow you to take better photos that will impress your friends. The premium gadget has countless features. For instance, it would make it easier to stabilize the image when you are taking a photo. Additionally, the gimbal can recognize faces and objects. As a result, it will take clear pictures of moving items as well. On top of that, due to the precise zoom function, this gimbal will allow you to take high-quality images of small things.

Time-lapse Shooting 3-axis Bluetooth Gimbal

The 3-axis functionality ensures that you can switch from horizontal to vertical shooting to change the way you position objects in a photo. Moreover, the gadget will work around 8 hours due to 1800 mAh battery. Finally, due to the ergonomic design, you would be able to continue shooting as long as your creativity allows and never feel uncomfortable.


    • Automatic face recognition
    • object tracking
    • Supports: panoramic shooting, horizontal and vertical shot switching
    • 1800mAh battery

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