Bluedio Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker Music Player

Bluedio BS - 5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Music Player
The speaker is 22.00 x 7.30 x 7.00 cm in size, with the weight being 638 grams. This makes it compact and portable, for bringing along with you, wherever you might enjoy it. Great coding provides with high quality, sharp and clear sound, that is almost 3D and realistic.
It is possible to connect just about any device to this Bluetooth speaker. Of course, it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, where most modern devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops, tablets are all powered with it. It also has 3.5mm plug and a USB cord port, for full convenience.
Bluedio BS - 5 Bluetooth Speaker
Since this Bluedio BS – 5 wireless Bluetooth speaker is not connected to an outlet, it has a battery installed. The capacity of the battery is 3000 mAh, which charges to the fullest in just about 4 hours. In standby mode, it has a power supply of up to 1000 hours, while in playing mode it will last for about 5 hours.
Hands free talking on the phone is also possible with this speaker. On the top, it even has its own mute button, as well as the power button, volume adjustment and pause/play button. package itself consists of the Bluedio BS – 5 Bluetooth 4.1 speaker, a usb cable, an audio cable, one portable ring, and the
English manual.
Bluedio BS 5 Portable Bluetooth 4.1 speaker is a high-quality item that will provide with exquisite sound, that is loud and clear, for full enjoyment. It is trendy in appearance, as well as compact and portable. Overall, a convenient item for music lovers and those who want to speak on their phone without using their hands.

Bluedio BS 5 Portable Home Bluetooth Speaker
Micro USB interface Music Player

Bluedio BS - 5 Wireless Speaker Music Player