Smart Blue LED Light Sleep Therapy Glasses

Premium light therapy glasses completely controlled by the goAYO App will ensure that you always feel comfortable, fresh, and healthy. The gadget is able to provide you with short-term light therapy on the go to boos your energy. 20 minutes – and you will feel as good as new. Moreover, the smart device is able to improve the quality of your sleep in less than 5 days.

You feel more refreshed waking up. This premium therapy light will also help you deal with jet lag and help your body adapt faster. Therefore, if you travel a lot, this gadget may be handy. The gadget is safe for your body and health. The AYO programs are available as apps so you can track them through the smartphone. The rechargeable built-in battery will last around 10,000 hours.

AYO Sleep Blue LED Light Therapy Glasses intelligent innovation wearable device made to provide blue light therapy exposure. Boost power degrees and also alertness while maximizing your all-natural body rhythm to your lifestyle without the need for power beverages.

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