Best Selling Loudspeaker Large Bass Turbo Wireless Subwoofer

There is another sort of loudspeaker that’s the subwoofer. A tower speaker is a sizable independent model, capable of reproducing a broad range of sound. A speaker may be used to boost the sound quality that you are able to get by giving you more control over the total sound. One of the best selling speakers BlitzWolf BW-SW2 wireless Loudspeaker would allow you to plunge into a completely new music or movie watching experience. The 70W Turbo Wireless subwoofer will allow you to immerse into deep bass and make sure you enjoy watching movies to the maximum. Despite very professional looks, the device is very easy to operate. Additionally, due to large bass horns and dual channel low frequency unit, the device will provide you with clear and amazing sound.

Large Bass Turbo Wireless Subwoofer

It will balance you mid and high range speaker, thereby creating powerful sound field. On top of that, the loudspeaker features very sleek and modern design. Furthermore, the 2.4G high-efficiency wireless technology allows you to transmit data and sound faster. You be able to control the device in hand mode or via your smartphone.

    • Size 9.2*9.2*15.4 inches
    • Speaker Unit Bass 6.5 inches * 1 + 5.25 inches * 1
    • 70W
    • Wireless
    • 3.5mm input
    • 110V-240V
    • 50/60Hz

BlitzWolf® BW-SW2 70W Turbo 2.4G Wireless Subwoofer
Large Dual Bass Wooden Horns Loudspeaker

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