BlitzWolf 60W Stylish Aluminium Smart Soundbar

If you’re planning to purchase a new soundbar, well, BlitzWolf’s offering could be well worth checking out, because you can save up. This soundbar can switch off automatically, dependent on its relation to the TV, while there are plenty of audio settings which you have at your disposal, just in the event you like to fine-tune your sound. So, you’re able to still have a top high quality soundbar and revel in a pro audio experience without needing to buy a new television also.

BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 Smart Soundbar works on Bluetooth and is able to connect to TVs, smartphones and computers in a matter of seconds. High fidelity sound quality ensures that you enjoy the sound and feel like you are surrounded by it. 60W audio power amplifier improves the sound quality even further. With Bluetooth 4.2 version, the connection will be stable.

BlitzWolf BW-SDB2 Smart Soundbar

The touch screen interface allows to adjust volume, switch the speaker off or connect to another device. Smart power mode function allows the smart gadget to turn off when your TV does. Sturdy design makes it look fashionable and modern. The speaker also has multiple ports for easier connection. It works from the plug. This a perfect addition to your movie or party. The remote control itself has really massive buttons, and there aren’t many of them included on there, or so the usage should be quite straight-forward.

    • Coaxial, Optical, Auxiliary port, USB, Wireless Bluetooth
    • Exquisite metal+wood appearance
    • 6 Speakers & 2 Low-Frequency Radiators

BlitzWolf New Smart Soundbar

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