BlitzWolf Eye Protection Rotatable Smart LED Desk Light

Lighting plays a big role on the health of our eyes. When working behind a desk, it is important that we have the proper lighting that is needed for that part of the day and for the current working situation. It is quite vital that we invest in a high quality table lamp. In this review, we would like to share more about the BlitzWolf Eye Protection Table Lamp Rotatable Smart LED Desk Light, that we have taken a close look at.

It is about 18 x 17 x 45 cm in size, and is offered in a black or white color. Both colors are neutral and fit great with just about any interior design. One of the most convenient and best features of this table lamp, is that it is very rotatable. The support neck is foldable 140 degrees and can be adjusted any needed way. LED head of the lamp is rotatable 360 degrees, and to add to that, the stand base is detachable 180 degrees. The LED light in this lamp is made to last for up to 50000 hours of usage.

BlitzWolf Eye Protection Table Lamp Rotatable Smart LED Desk Light

For full convenience, this lamp has four different modes. The reading mode provides with neutral white lighting for reading, study mode is in the cool white color that aids in focus and concentration, warm white color in the Relax mode helps ease and adds comfort, and lastly the sleep mode is warm yellow and is great for the eyes.

Brightness of this table lamp can also be adjusted with five different levels, depending on your preference and time of the day. BW-LT1 lamp also provides with stable lighting without any unneeded flickers which also protects the eyes. The control panel on the base, lets one easily chose the mode and set the time, as well as control the brightness. The USB port provides with the opportunity to quickly charge your device from the lamp.

The BlitzWolf BW-LT1 table lamp is loved by many previous users, and is affordable for most people. It is trendy, convenient, and high quality, as well as very protective of your eyes. We recommend that if you are in search of a table lamp, that you give this one a look.