YUNMAI Bio-Electrical Impedance technology Smart Body Scale

Smart scales become more and more popular among fitness amateurs, providing us with more and more specific medicine data and criteria to estimate fitness and health. Today we review one gizmo of this realm – YUNMAI Mini 1501 Bluetooth 4.0 Bio-Electrical Impedance technology Smart Body Scales.

Those bathroom scales are really large – so expect to mount them in your bathroom once and for a long time. Though, the design is really cool, and silver metal sensors nicely team up with white glass and big display. The scales come in a nice carton box that you can use later for storage or moving, and are powered by 4 AAA batteries (they are not included in the package).

When you weigh yourself, you see both the mass and the body fat percentage, and the numbers are visible both day and night. The analysis takes up to a minute – that’s ok. The coolest feature about these scales is Bluetooth connection with a smartphone – you can connect the scales to your phone and check out all the data through an app.

YUNMAI Mini 1501 Body Fat Scales

In the app there is even a division between body fat and visceral fat (the fat in our abdomen), which is really useful, as the latter is the type of fat that is the most dangerous for human health, and can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In pretty slim or ‘skinny fat’ people this kind of fat tissue may be a little bit tricky to identify, as can be mistaken with bloating or constitution specialties. On the other hand, in obese people visceral fat is easily measured visually and with a caliper.

A little pro tip – if the scale cannot read your body data, that may be because of the bad contact of the sensors with your feet. Try to wet your feet a little or scrub off excess skin and soles from your heels, and repeat estimation.

As one can see, YUNMAI offers rather a wide range of features for a very democratic price. This gadget can make a perfect gift or a sustainable companion for a fit family.

Bio-Electrical Smart Body Scales