Biggest 4K TV 262-inch by C Seed

The acronym “4K” is a characteristic of impeccable visuals in any device. Now, there are smartphones, tablets and laptops that support this resolution. However, 4K is represented in the best way on wide-diagonal TVs. In fact, the Austrian company C Seed just introduced the biggest 4K TV in the world.

Biggest 4K TV by C Seed

This humongous device has a 262-inch diagonal and takes up literally the whole room. This TV comes with 10 built-in speakers with three-dimensional audio, its own 4K media server and a protective shield that guards its 6.5-meter long screen. The manufacturer promises that the TV will provide all users with unforgettable impressions considering that the screen is almost as big as the ones in movie theatres.

Obviously, C Seed 262 is a luxury product, so it’s oriented at the specific market. In order to install a TV like that, you’d have to have a spacious mansion and a lot of money – $539 000. What’s more, the installation costs $38 500. Still, if you do have a mansion and you’re looking for something to fill the room, this TV would do the job well.