Smartwatch With Big Round Display That Shows All Activity

FS08 Smart Watch is an affordable gadget that will be able to make your life easier because it is highly functional. First of all, the device is equipped with a 1.26 inch large round display where you can check notifications, and important data easily. The synchronization with your phone happens automatically after you download a special app. Moreover, the built-in battery ensures that the device stays up and running for 120 hours.

FS08 Smart Watch best price

Talking about hours, you will have a lot of time so that you can use this watch during cycling, running, walking and it will never let you down! On top of that, specially for people who care about their health, this device features several monitors such as stopwatch, heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder, pedometer, sleep monitor. All of these indicators will be able to improve the quality of your life and make you feel better. Finally, the device features IP68 waterproof design for those who really lead an active lifestyle.


    • 1.26 inch large round screen
    • 320 x 320 display resolution
    • 120 hours standby time.
    • Precise satellite
    • GPS positioning.
    • Sports monitoring, cycling, running, walking
    • sedentary reminder, pedometer, sleep monitor, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, compass
    • APP: LinkTo

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