ZanFlare B3 3-in-1 Bicycle Gadget Super Bright LED Bike Light

Safety is one of the main things that we should all be thinking about especially when riding or doing any sorts of activities in the darker parts of the day. Often the safety of many people is lowered due to the reason that they do not have sufficient lighting. For that exact reason, it is a smart reason to invest in a pair of bike lights. ZanFlare B3 3-in-1 Super Bright LED Bike Light is a one of best bike lights that we have closely taken a look at and want to share more about in this review.

LED Bike Light

These lights are offered for a decent price and have many attention capturing characteristics. The size of them is 2.76 x 1.3 x 2.01 inches, with a weight of only 0.1350 kg. Made out of durable aluminum alloy material, these lights are sure to last for a long time without breaking. Three CREE XPL V5 LED emitters with more than 2000 lumens brightness are made to keep anyone visible on the roads. The memory function is made to remember what the brightness was the previous time and automatically enables it. It also has three different brightness levels. The high brightness level provides with 700 lumens with one LED, 1450 lumens with two LED, and 2200 lumens with three LED.

Super Bright LED Bike Light

The mid brightness of 50 percent, is a tad bit less with 400 lumens with one LED, 800 lumens with two LED, and 1300 lumens with three LED. The last brightness is the low one of 15 percent, where one LED provides with 150 lumens, two LED with 300 lumens and three LED with 400 lumens. There is also a strobe, SOS, and beacon special modes, which can all be used in extreme situations.

The new technology is made to prevent the lights from overheating with the proper cooling effect. The lifespan of the LED lights is about 50000 hours. While the lights itself work from a battery source, the indicator on the top notifies when it is time to change the battery. When the light is blue it means that there is more than 50 percent left, when it is red less than 50 percent, and a flashing red means that less than 10 percent is available. One can easily install the lights onto their bike or their helmet with the different mounts. Best of all, is that this lamp is impact resistant, IP67 waterproof and can be used in any weather condition.

ZanFlare B3 bike lights are the needed item for the safety of you and your close ones who enjoy different activities. The price is affordable, while the quality is outstanding!