Best Wireless Range Extender

The best wifi booster or repeater prioritizes the three basic things; first is long distance coverage, fastest throughput and quick set up. If we talk about the reach, it means the total covered area by an existing extender. Second is through put which is a way to determine the transfer speed of data. Last but not the least, is the set up process of a range extender which gives you the flexibility of setting the device in a quick way.

How a range extender works?

A wireless range extender amplifies the existing wifi signal of your router. This device helps to create a second network from the existing wireless network for fast communication. Because of the compact and sleek design, range extenders are very popular to enhance the wireless range. These ranges extenders are mostly plug and use devices, as you just need to plug then in wall outlet or socket and you are ready to go. One best range extender in such series is WicommFi wireless range extender, which the best in class device and comes with easy QR code scan set up. This device provides the secured network with compatibility with WPA and WPA2. This Wifi boaster is compatible with wireless security protocols.

Analyse the wifi range issue

This is the initial step, when you are facing a range issue at your home or office. First, diagnose the problem of wireless signal range in the existing place. Once you are able to find the dead spots or zones then you are ready work on the extender’s placement. As signal strength can get week by different obstructions like walls, floors and any other objects. Now do take a look for the following points-

Wireless Range Extender Antenna

Select the Antenna position

Before setting up the range extender, it is important to check the antenna direction of your router, as the position of antenna ensures the good connectivity. Always keep your router’s antennas on the vertical position and do adjust it to get maximum signal strength.

Wireless Range Extender Antenna position

How to decide your router position

Positioning the router in the best place is very important if you want to avoid the dead spots and no wifi zones from your house or workplace. Generally people use to keep their router in the corner of their house or office, which actually create a trouble in expanding the signal range. Most of the times you can keep the router in the central location and can avoid the dead zones. But if it is difficult for you to keep your router centrally then you can use a wireless range extender instead.

How to decide your router position

Infrastructure of your house or workplace

This is hard to believe but it is true, infrastructure of your house or workplace plays an important role in wireless signal strength and connectivity. Now the question comes in our mind how? So the answer is, wifi signals are nothing but the radio waves which get affected with the path hindrance generated from walls, bricks or any other interfering medium.

All these mediums are responsible for weak wifi signals and create dead zones. Sometime these issues can be just resolved by adjusting the router position but sometime you need an extender to resolve the range issue.

Interference of the other technology

It is a proven fact the existing technologies do affect the wireless range of your router, If you have microwave at home or any of the security system is there in your house or office, it will affect the signal strength of your wifi. Design and internal structure of building does also affect the signal strength.

Best Wireless Range Extender

So if you want to sustain the wireless signal strength, you will be requiring a good range extender for home. WicommFi range extender is the best choice to resolve your wifi ranges issues. Though market is full with so many range extenders but we suggest WicommFi wireless range extender for all your needs.

Why choose WicommFi wireless range extender

WicommFi wireless range extender, a compact design yet impactful inbuilt features is a perfect choice for enhancing the existing wireless signal. This wifi range extender can work in three modes; As a Router, As an Extender and As an Access Point. You can keep this device on extender mode and easily extend the signal strength of a weak wireless signal. Take a look on the operational mode of this device to get maximum strength.

  • As an Extender: With this mode you can eliminate the dead zone. This device is very compatible to connect to any Wireless router using simple WPS on both WicommFi and Host router.
  • As a router: To use this device a s a router, connect the Ethernet cable coming from the modem to WicommFi CF-WR750AC Ethernet Port and your extender is ready work as a router.
  • As an Access Point: This mode is helpful to cover the large area with strong wireless signals and for that you need to keep your WicommFi range extender in AP mode.
    Connect it to your business router using Ethernet cable and you are ready to go.

Configuration of WicommFi Wireless Range Extender

WicommFi Wireless Range Extender

WicommFi WiFi range extender provides a transmission speed of 750 Mbps which improves HD video streaming and online gaming experience. This device will enhance the access of the internet across the walls at every place of your home or office. This Range extender is designed with dual band and you can utilize the 5.8 GHz band for videos, online gaming and 2.4 GHz for sending data. The first frequency bands of 5.8 GHz gives you speed of up to 450 Mbps and second band of 2.4 GHz gives speed of 300 Mbps.

This device is designed with two external antennas which are the best feature in this range extender. Now resolve your wireless range related issues with this wireless extender booster and stay relaxed.

Author: Shweta Shukla