Best Ways to Protect Your Phone from Damage

Smartphones can be considered as the best utility invention of all time. They are the reason we are able to complete half of our tasks on any given day. It is needless to say that they help us achieve huge number tasks simultaneously and serve the most important purpose of keeping us connected.

We clearly depend upon them a lot now and unfortunately, when they get damaged, we are left with nothing but despair. So, how to make sure you don’t crack your phone the next time it falls? Here are some useful tips to prevent your phone from damage! Read this to make sure you keep all mobile phone spare parts intact.

How to Protect Your Phone from Damage

Use Heavy Duty Cases

Smartphones are big investments. Even a decent smartphone at least costs $200 and when it gets broken, the repair expenses add up another $50 – $100. Going by the saying “prevention is better than cure”, it’s much better to buy a heavy duty case that’ll protect your smartphone with all its might. These cases are made with high profile carbon fiber material that can even withstand a truck going over it. The best part is that they hardly cost $20 – $30 and are worth every penny.

Use Friction Back Cover

Another smart way of dodging those accidental slips is to make your phone wear some extra friction. This can be achieved by using a friction back cover that has thousands of microscopic ridges on it. These ridges interlock with your skin’s natural ridges and help you prevent it from slipping.

Use Tempered Screen Guard

Touch-screens are the most fragile part of your smartphone. A minor bump is all they need to come apart and in most cases, the repair guy would tell you that you need to replace the screen as it’s damaged beyond physical repair. Among all mobile phone spare parts, screens are the most expensive ranging from $30 – $80. So, go buy yourself a tempered glass screen guard that hardly costs $10 and will protect your screen with its life!

Look For Gorilla Glass Phones

If you are one of those folks who can’t hold on to their phones, no matter what they do, then its better you look for a sturdy phone in the first place. Your best bet would be buying a phone that comes with Corning Gorilla Glass Protection. These things can brave acute damage and still remain tip top. Considering their cost, they are the best option to start with.

Buy Accidental Damage Insurance

In the end, if nothing really works out for you; get your precious phone insured with a reputable insurer. This won’t protect your phone from damage but at least you can throw it around with one less thing to worry about. General accidental damage insurance covers replacement of all mobile phone spare parts.


These were some ideas to prevent your phone from damage and help you save some money on repair costs. According to us, buying an accidental Damage Insurance is a must to be safe for any kind of mishap and getting a high friction case is the most inexpensively effective method you could ask for. If you have a better way of protecting your phone, let us know in comments!

Author Bio: Mitan is the founder and CEO of Mobile Fix NYC which is a distribution company located in New York specializing in sales of wholesale cell phone replacement spare parts, accessories, and tools. I am a huge fan technology and have my passion into my business.