Best Versatile Power Bank for Smartphone and Laptop

Power Go is a power bank that will work with all modern smartphones, tablets and laptops. This versatility comes from its features. Most importantly, Power Go is compatible with literally anything. It’s equipped with a standard USB-A port and a USB-C port for latest devices like Samsung Galaxy smartphones or even MacBook. Actually, it’s possible to use both of these ports simultaneously and charge, for example, a MacBook and an iPad at the same time.

The capacity of Power Go is 10000mAh which is quite enough to charge a smartphone 2-3 times. Moreover, due to Power Delivery Technology, it charges other devices very fast and replenishes itself in just 2 hours. Although this power bank isn’t burdened with different functions, it does its job well. Plus, it’s good for compactness. In fact, Power Go has a stylish, youth-like design and a perfect size for putting it in a pocket and using on the go.

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