Best Selling Color + Music Smart Voice Control Ceiling Light

UTORCH Smart Bluetooth Ceiling light can make your evenings more pleasant and any big gatherings more fun. It seems that these two features are completely opposite, however, they go hand in hand in this gadget. Let’s see how it works. The ceiling light has a 3-colour main light. You can pick the one that you like the most and enjoy your free time in a pleasant atmosphere. But it also has a colorful night light with different colors. This can make family gatherings more interesting and enjoyable.


    • 3-color main light
    • colorful night light
    • adjustable brightness
    • Wireless music with
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Voice assistant for music, weather forecast and more.
    • App control
    • voice control
  • remote control

Music Smart Voice Control Ceiling Light

On top of that, the brightness is adjustable, so pick the tone you are most comfortable with. Furthermore, the ceiling light can play music from your smartphone as it has a Bluetooth wireless connection function. Finally, it supports smart voice assistant, remote control as well as app control functions. Change the brightness, colors, music, or check weather forecasts just by asking pressing a button via your smartphone. And all these possibilities come at a fair price!

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