One of The Best Selling Stylish USB Car Charger

The Belkin USB Car Charger is perfect device for people with on-the-road lifestyle who spend a lot of time in a car. The first thing you notice is size: this charger is small, compact and very elegant. It weighs only 16g which is as light as a feather.
One of the Best USB Car Charger

The Belkin USB Car Charger has a 2.0 USB-port. The output figures are 1.5A and 5V. The charging with the Belkin car charger is fast, even super-fast, so not be scared of your devices running out of battery. As we can see in the name, it’s universal – it works with any USB cable, it can be plugged in any car power outlet and it’s compatible with both smartphones and tablets, which makes it very passenger-friendly.

Belkin Charger for Smartphones