Best Selling Travel Backpack for Outdoor or Hiking

Introducing one of the best backpacks on the market Arc’teryx Altra 65 backpack. This is the best traveler’s companion that offers supreme comfort and durability and a ton of features that will make your traveling experience a joyful stroll. Among other things the Altra 65 features large U-shaped main access zipper, full length kangaroo pocket and an extensive compartment variety and adjustment options.

Altra 65 was designed with comfort and durability in mind. Additional pivoting hip belt lined with soft foam stabilizes heavy loaded backpack during movement, which helps to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders. Improved suspension design and foam lined shoulder straps add to overall comfort. And for a large backpack like this, it only weights approximately 4 pounds, which is extremely light considering its size.

Another useful feature is the backpack’s lid. The lid has two large zip pockets, that allows you to store priority items within reach, removing the need to dig through the backpack searching for an item.

Also, Altra 65 offers a unique shoulder straps adjustment system, that allows the user to adjust shoulder strap length as well as width, to accommodate wearer’s body type and comfort. This backpack is useful for any type of backpacking or hiking trip, allowing you to comfortably cover large distances over uneven terrain with your pack fully loaded. This backpack comes at a larger cost than most of its rivals. But considering Altra 65 quality and comfort you will most definitely save in the long run.<

One of The Best Travel Backpack