Why We Need Tech Blogs Nowadays

A tech blog is an interesting term that became more complex nowadays. People may have different questions about the word “tech”, like what it means today, what it meant in the past and what it should look like in the future. So we’ve decided to make our own analysis and share it with our readers.

Earlier, when we heard the word “ tech” or “hi-tech”, it was more connected with industry, medicine, science, and so on. To put it simple, it had nothing to do with our everyday life.

Now, TECH NEWS comprises more topics including gadgets and technologies closely linked with our daily routine. For example, if someone invents a thin battery, everyone is thinking about smartphones becoming lighter. Or if a flexible display comes out, we immediately imagine how tablets fold. The amount of examples is enormous. Basically, any invention is instantly integrated in consumer goods while big companies are hastily trying to get a patent on them to become pioneers on the market. And all this we see one store shelves.

Tech Blog

What’s more, novelties are also investments. Companies are trying to make profit while consumers are buying their products, which completes the cycle. Besides, this process has many other institutions involved, like factories, scientific universities, banks, entrepreneurs, etc.

By the way, there is a need for utilization of older devices. Whether it is an old MacBook or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the accessories for such devices disappear from the shelves in a couple of years. You won’t find a screen protector or a case for iPhone 4 nowadays. That’s also a problem for users because there are many people get attached to their old smartphones but can’t find proper accessories for them.

So, having analysed the situation, we came to a conclusion that novelties are more like a requirement of our consciousness, not a real requirement. If so, there is no end for it because it’s impossible to fully indulge your conscious desires. And we can’t stop it. Subconsciously, we are used to looking and wanting something new – that’s why we spend money on cool and innovative products. And that’s what drives companies who always have to come up with more novelties. If consumers get bored, this is the end.

Obviously, in our hi-tech era we might see the time when technologies reach their peak and customers finally say that there’s no better smartphone or tablet than one particular one. But that’s not going to happen in the nearest future. All we’ve got to do is wait and see. One thing is certain, though – we will see more green products with 100 % biodegradable feature.