Small Selfie Drone Zerotech FPV Quadcopter

Selfies have truly taken over the whole world. Every day, we see people posing for a photo with a phone in their hands. As a result, the selfie accessory market has boosted. But selfie sticks already seem quite ordinary now – these accessories can be more technological. For example, you can have a personal selfie drone. In fact, there is a perfect small Drone – Zerotech Mini FPV Quadcopter which is one of best selling pocket selfie drones. Here’s a more detailed review of this gadget.

This pocket selfie drone shares its name with a beloved house-elf from Harry Potter books. But we can safely say that you don’t need socks to set it free and it will be just as loyal to you. Zerotech Mini Quadcopter is a fantastic gadget for many reasons. First and foremost, you’d rarely find a drone that compact. That’s why it’s called a pocket drone – you can literally put it in a pocket. Zerotech Mini Quadcopter isn’t bigger than a smartphone but it will surprise you with its functionality.

Travel Mini Quadcopter

The main highlight of this small selfie drone is its sharp eye – a 13MP camera with amazing characteristics. The camera can take beautiful pictures at an ideal angle. Besides, Zerotech Mini Drone is good at video recording. The camera supports 1080p resolution and can shoot at 30fps transmitting video to the smartphone. This Zerotech Mini Quadcopter will capture the best moments of your life in brightest colors. Also, it supports various photo modes, like continuous photo shooting, beauty shots or time lapses.

Small Drone for Travel Mini Quadcopter

Operating this pocket drone isn’t particularly hard. Of course, a smartphone serves as a remote controller here. Using the accompanying app, it’s pretty simple to navigate the drone, take photos and watch the live video from the camera. Once you press the On/Off button, 4 propellers will slide out and the drone will be ready to take off.

There are other ways to start the drone – voice command, throwing the drone up or tapping on it 3 times. After that, you just operate Dobby with the app. By the way, you can turn on the auto-follow feature – the drone will detect and follow you by itself.

Overall, Zerotech Small Selfie Drone is definitely one of the best gadgets in its category. It’s more functional than any other selfie accessory and it can do even more – that’s why Dobby is a must-buy device.

Best Small Drone for Travel Mini Quadcopter