Best Shaped Smart GPS Planning Dry and Wet Mopping Robot

If you need a real robot mop then I suggest you go for this smart home cleaning gadget. The very small rounded shape square robot is intended to get into tight corners of rooms and more compact spaces, and it’s user friendly since it has button on its top that’s used to start and halt the gadget. Mamibot Smart Dry and Wet Moping Robot with GPS navigator will simplify your life and ensure your house is always crystal clean.

The robot has a 2000mAh Ni-MH battery, and aren’t any power cords to fuss with. Just in the event you require a robot that could do both simultaneously Dry and Wet Mopping with GPS navigator planned you must look at the Mamibot Smart Mopping Robot. The robot may be used on various forms of floors, like tiles, laminates, vinyl, PVC and several more. With the most suitable robot mop, all of the debris, soil, and grime that fall on the floor are simple to wash. The small robot was pretty quick to wash the whole floor of a little bathroom.

Best Dry and Wet Mopping Robot

The robot will clean every corner of your house due to the built-in gyroscope as well as the gyroNavi box which builds the routes and helps the robot find its way. Thus, the robot will be highly efficient: it will not repeat the route but it will also not miss a spot. Additionally, the GPS technology built-in in the gyro box allows the robot to map the room and build the most efficient route. Equipped with smart anti-bumping technology the cleaner will also not harm your furniture. The smart robot is super quiet letting you rest while it works. The dry and wet mopping techniques let you choose the best cleaning mode. Finally, due to anti-falling system, the robot will not damage itself if you have stairs.

  • 4 hours working time in Quick Mode and 2.5 hours in Deep Clean Mode
  • Charging time 2-3 hours for Robot and 4 hours for GyroNavi Box
  • Cleaning area 380 – 750 sq.ft ( deep mopping ) and 1100 – 2200 sq.ft ( fast mopping )
  • deep mopping and fast mopping
  • Anti-drop design with full security assurance
  • Ultra-quiet to work, its noise low to 20dB
  • Maximum Power 3.6W
  • Voltage Range AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Mamibot Smart Dry and Wet Mopping Robot

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