Best Selling 10-inch Tablet PC Teclast 98 4G Phablet

There is a sufficient amount of various different Chinese companies, that produce gadgets and progress in their technology. Although they are growing, many still tend to turn to the favorite Apple, Microsoft, Samsung devices. Teclast has many diverse tablets out on the market, that are glamourous and made with quality for an affordable price. In this review, we will observe specs and features of the best selling 10-inch Tablet PC Android OS Teclast 98 Octa Core Dual Full HD 4G Phablet.

Design of this phablet can easily be compared to that of the renown iPad, that has been on top of the market for years. Plastic and metal back cover is not only comfortable to hold and great to the touch, it also serves as a barrier from various damage, as it is made to be quite durable. Not only is the design appealing, it also has a size that is comfortable for movie watching, game playing and any other daily tasks that you might want to complete or enjoy. 10.1-inch screen is fully high definition, with 1920 X 1200-pixel resolution, as well as IPS and OGS technology. This is already a big plus! Who doesn’t want a phablet that will provide with colorful, bright, sharp and lively images? We all do! All this does not take away the slimness, and the Teclast 98 has a very thin body.

Teclast 98 4G Phablet

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Design and outer features is not the most important part in a tablet. What really matters is the inner parameters, and the Teclast 98 will not let you down. Of course, it doesn’t have the newest operating system or the highest RAM, but combined with other features it rules out. Android 6.0 operating system helps users stay connected with the rest of the world, as it runs smoothly and efficiently. Different apps and favorite content will be supported due to the built in MTK6753 64bit Octa Core processor which includes 1.5GHz frequency, to always stay useful. As we all know, no matter how hard we try, games, tv shows and movies are all tempting, and especially if they are in impressive color and offer a great experience. Thanks to the Mali-T720 graphics processing unit, this tablet makes it possible.

Surely, high quality of images is great, but it will not be enjoyable if it continuously crashes and freezes, so 2GB DDR3 RAM keeps up with advanced multitasking. All of this weigh plenty, and we always want more! With 32GB of eMMC memory capacity, that can be expanded to 128GB with a TF card, we do not have to stop ourselves from downloading.

Often memories in life come up, and you just wish that you had a device close by to capture it! Teclast tablet has a 5.0-megapixel rear camera with AF and flashlight, and a 2.0-megapixel front camera for such cases.

Dual band WiFi of 2.4GHz/5.0GHz provides with smooth and stable connection wherever there is a network. What is even better is the dual SIM card slot, that allows you to have 4G internet connection anywhere, and even its own phone number. 4900mAh battery is built in, charging in 5 hours and lasting for 4 hours of usage time.

Final conclusion of the Teclast 98 phablet is that it is worth its money. It is affordable, which is just an added bonus and with all of its specifications, it will deal well with daily usage.

Teclast 98 4G Phablet,
10.1″ 5-point touch IPS screen display

Best Selling 10-inch Tablet PC Teclast 98