Best Selling Suaoki Portable Jump Starter Charging Dock

Have you ever felt as if the world is falling apart, it is raining, you are alone on the deserted road, surrounded by nothing but darkness, and the wind is blowing? And… you cannot start your car. Hopefully, not. However, in order to prevent this from happening, we will provide you with more details regarding the SUAOKI Portable Car Jump Starter.
Suaoki Jump Starter Charging Dock 1
One of the greatest features of this device is its high power. The jump starter features 1000A which will ensure that you can start your car any time. Moreover, the device comes with a very easy and user-friendly manual which explains the whole process step by step. Speaking of the process, the gadget already comes with all the items included, that is the starter itself, the portable charger (2 types), the force start pin as well as battery clamps. Therefore, you will have absolutely all the appliances to successfully start the engine.
Suaoki Jump Starter Charging Dock
It is important to note that this device is quite universal, and it will work with cars of up to 7.0L Gas or 5.0L Diesel Engine. And it can, actually be any vehicle, starting from the truck and ending with a lawnmower. On top of that, the smart jump starter features intelligent overheating protection which will ensure that both you and your car stay safe. It is also designed to eliminate low-voltage, short circuits, over-temperature, reverse-polarity, over-charge, over-current and much more.
Suaoki Portable Jump Starter Charging Dock 1
However, you would be majorly underestimating this gadget if you would think that these are all its features. The jump starter also can be a perfect charging dock for up to three mobile devices or any other gadgets with different ports due to the high-capacity battery. The 4 indicator LEDs will provide you with the up-to-date info regarding the charge level. And, as a small bonus, two different charging cables come with the starter. Dual USB QC 3.0 ports with 5V/9V/12V quick charge technology will be able to power up your smartphones, tablets, or anything else 75% faster than on average. You will be able to do everything on the go, without leaving your car!
Suaoki Portable Jump Starter Charging Dock
Furthermore, the jump starter features increased functionality with regards to its design. Firstly, it is IP68 waterproof, so it can be used in any weather. Moreover, the gadget has a flashlight. Remember, the ‘darkness is surrounding you’ scenario. Well, this will also be covered. Finally, the device is also dust and drop proof, so it is very durable.
Suaoki Portable Jump Starter
And last but not the least, the waterproof high voltage jump starter comes in a solid case which you can easily put into your car and store it there. It will never disturb you as it is quite portable. It is a little bit heavy, however, you do not need to take it with you. You would merely need to put it in the car. If you still need to carry it somewhere, just get the clamps and the starter itself. It is more than enough. Stay safe, connected and charged up on the road with the intelligent waterproof multifunctional jump starter! Stay tuned!
Suaoki Portable Jump Starter