Best Selling H96 4K HD Android Smart TV Box Media Player

3GB RAM makes sure that multitasking is easy and it all runs smoothly, while 32GB of ROM provides with plenty of storage space for all of your different files, apps, games and so on. Dual band WiFi of 2.4G/5.0G guarantees stable connection and fast speed which improves the overall performance. You can even transmit the content from your mobile device or computer via AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.1.

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H96 Pro Android TV Box
DTS and Dolby surround sound speakers, makes all loud and clear and as most of us know, a big part in total satisfaction comes from the quality of the sound. Size of this H96 PRO+ TV Box is just 10.70 X 10.70 X 2.0 CM, with the weight being 250 grams, making it suitable for any interior and easy to fit in.
H96 PRO+ Smart TV Box Media Player, an item for all TV and movie lovers. Why not spoil yourself with the best possible TV station, where all sorts of features are provided for you. We surely all deserve it, especially for the reasonable price that it is offered for! Previous users are also leaving their positive feedback on this item.

H96 Pro+ Smart TV Box Media Player,
2.0GHz CPU, 2.4GHz WiFi,
3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, Android 7.1

H96 4K HD Android Smart TV Box