Best Selling Harmless Electric Mosquito Insect Dispeller

Whether you prefer insects or not, they are critical to the well-being of the planet. but, there are lots of insects both indoors and outdoors that spread diseases. Have you ever wished that all the insects were gone so that you could really enjoy your countryside house? Of course, it is impossible in general, but you can easily solve this problem in your house by purchasing Xiaomi Mijia Electric Insect Repeller.

Xiaomi offer you insect repellants to block your family from mosquitoes. Unlike those countless Apps and fumigators this one really works. It is made from PP and ABS material which makes it rather ragged and convenient. It doesn’t need any time to heat, which means that it starts working as soon as you turn it on.

Harmless Electric Mosquito Insect Dispeller

It is equipped with two AA batteries, that keep charge for as long as 90 days. Thus, you will be protected for long. The area of effectiveness is 28 m3. It is also very easy to turn on – just press and rotate it anti-clockwise. The design is minimalistic and simple, so that it fits in any room.

When the mosquito enter the trap they appear to want to get out right away but can’t seem to get to the hole. If you’ve been attempting to keep insects and mosquitos from colonizing your house and terrorizing your family members, then Xiaomi Electric Dispeller is the best way to help you.

    • Voltage: 3.0V
    • Power: 0.03W
    • Size: 98.3mm x 98.3mm x 58.4mm
  • Weight: 133g

Electric Mosquito Insect repeller

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