Best Selling Alfawise Powerful Hand Blender

A load of diverse kitchen appliances is great, but why invest and overpay for them, as well as take up space in the kitchen, when it can all be done with just one device. Different food processors, mixers, regular blenders, are a must for those who cook, but a hand blender combines all of these appliances. In this review, we will look at the specs and features on one of the best selling blenders, Alfawise HB-2048 Powerful Hand Blender.

One of the first most important things you should keep in mind when choosing a blender, is the parameters that it offers. This Alfawise HB-2048 model has a powerful 400-watt motor with the US plug, and 800-watt motor for EU. Blending up and shredding any food product will not be a problem, and it will grind even the hardest foods. Voltage is 120V to 240V depending on US or EU plug, with 60Hz.

Having a refined 304 stainless steel body, this handheld blender can easily be placed in hot mixtures, great for making soup and purees, and you will not have to worry about the material melting or any harmful particles emitting. For filling out different jobs, this blender can mix, whip, puree and even chop. With that being said, eight special speeds are built in, for one to adjust it depending on their needs.

Alfawise HB - 2048 Hand Blender

Powering it is also simple, which is a vital aspect. It has one power button, which just needs to be pressed for a quick start. Grip is ergonomic and comfortable, allowing you to tightly hold it in the hand, without the fear of it slipping out, which can actually be dangerous, and will make a mess. Cleaning out the blender itself, is something to be done in a blink of an eye. It is FDA approved to be dishwasher safe. Rinse out the big food parts, and place it in your dishwasher for a shiny look. Blender itself has a capacity of 500 ml, with the beaker being 600 ml, providing with enough volume. Although, it is recommended that the motor is not placed into water, and for the blender to not work for longer than 1 minute at a time. This is recommended for a longer life of the blender and for your safety as well. With a weight of just 1 kilogram and 500 grams, it will be easy to hold over a bowl, and use in general. The package itself consists of a whisk, chopper bowl, beaker and an instruction manual.

Alfawise HB-2048 hand blender is a model that will certainly be convenient in any kitchen. It can easily swap several diverse appliances, and work properly at all times for different tasks. Make your favorite tasty dishes in minutes with this item! Price of it is also reasonable and affordable.

Alfawise HB – 2048 Hand Blender,
0.5L Blender + 0.6L beaker capacity, 8 variable speeds

Alfawise Hand Blender