Best Selling Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Fender

Fender Bluetooth speakers are a very diverse bunch, so choosing the most suitable one can be rather an exercise. Should you need an especially loud Bluetooth speaker and can manage the Blaster’s rather large price, it is a good option.

Fender is notorious for making guitars and amplifiers that are readily recognized by nearly anyone. While it is Fender’s very first foray into the Bluetooth speaker scene, it is certainly a solid one. Fender plays on each side of the mic. The Newport knobs feels strikingly much like the ones in actual Fender equipment.

The 3 knobs on top are stiff and have a fantastic feel. Clip-on tuners are somewhat more popular then ever at the present time. The design is made to be portable. The speaker delivers sound with superior quality in every direction, therefore it sounds much larger than it is. The Newport speaker is additionally a fantastic all-rounder for different genres, not only for rock. And not only sounds great, but also looks great.

Fender Newport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fender Newport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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