Best Selling Drone 2018 DJI Mavic Pro Premium Quadcopter

Drones are exceptionally popular these days and are used for all sorts of purposes. Some use them for realtor businesses others for trips and recording for pleasure. For beautiful videos and photographs, it is important that the drone has quality specifications. In this review, we will closely observe one of the best selling in 2018 drones, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Foldable RC Quadcopter.

This quadcopter has a unique design, as it is fully foldable for easy transportation and bringing along with you. When folded, this drone becomes just 19.80 X 8.30 X 8.30 cm in size with a weight of only 743 grams, rather compact. Even the propellers fold, and do not need to be removed when the item is being stored.

3830mAh LiPo battery installed, charges to the fullest in just 3.5 hours for about 30 minutes of flying time, which is more than most drones on the market. Once it is fully charged, the drone can fly as high as 5000 meters with a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour in the sports mode and with the help of wind.


  • Smart functions of Mavic Pro are included in this version
  • 12.71MP camera,
  • 3-axis stabilization gimbal
  • 7km control range, OcuSync image transmission
  • 30-minute flight time

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

Record 4K videos and photographs, with the 12.71-megapixel camera and 3 axis stabilization gimbal installed into it. In order to store all of your recording, the DJI Mavic Pro has support for insertion of a micro USB card up to 64GB. This drone is also made to be much quieter, about 4db lower due to the new FOC sinusoidal driver and 8331 propellers.

2.4GHz Wireless remote controller provided for the user, makes it easy to fly the drone in any wanted way. Control distance is up to 7 kilometers! With the remote controller, users can fly it forward, backward, right and left, slow it down or speed it up, as well as use the gesture mode, hover mode, panorama, point of interest, selfie, sense or avoid and more. Remote also has an LCD screen that shows you the status of your quadcopter. A clip is also attached to the controller, allowing you to place your mobile device and connect it via a cable. With the phone attached, you can view first hand recordings and adjust them along the way.

Overall conclusions about the DKI Mavic Pro Platinum Quadcopter is that it’s definitely worth it. Although the price is rather high, it is the best on the market for a drone with such features. It is powerful, fast, convenient and high quality.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Foldable RC Quadcopter
RTF – Platinum version

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum