Best Selling Xiaomi Scishare Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine

Coffee fans know what a great cup tastes like. Different espresso shots and strengths add their own flavor to a blend. Why bother with different coffee shops, when you can customize it and enjoy the rich drink right at home? Xiaomi Scishare capsule espresso coffee machine offers all sorts of features for you to adjust and love. In this review, we will look at the specs and features of this coffee maker.

Many do not buy coffee machines for home as they can be big and bulky, taking up all of the counter space in your kitchen. Scishare coffee machine however, is just 34.00 X 26.00 X 10.00 cm, making it compact enough to fit in just about any corner, and still have left over space for the rest of your kitchen gadgets.

Enjoy smooth and sweet coffee, with just the press of a button. Operating this coffee machine is extremely easy actually. The first thing that one needs to get done, is purchase the desired coffee pods for the machine. One of the great parts about the Scishare espresso coffee machine, is that it is compatible with a variety of different brands, therefore, one does not need to purchase particular kinds of pods.


  • Simple and Quick process
  • High pressure pump
  • Fine extraction system delivers ~ 19 bar pressure
  • Innovative 9-level system lets you personalize your daily coffee.
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Fit many and different sizes of cups
  • Power rating: 1200W
  • Frequency rating: 50Hz
  • Input voltage: 220 – 240V
  • Pump pressure: 19 bar

Xiaomi Scishare Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine

Not all coffee espresso machines are powerful enough, and coffee is actually left behind! This one has high pressure pump, 19 bars. Coffee will be ready in just one minute, fully! Once the pod is placed into the machine, one has the option of 9 different flavor strengths to choose from. Some prefer just the taste of coffee, while others want it to be dark and strong!

While all that is great, it is extremely important to always think about your safety and the safety of others around you. Modern technology of this coffee machine is made that it will automatically turn off once 15 minutes pass and it is not being used. Energy will be saved, and it is much better for the environment as well, this way.

Cleaning it can be completed in just a blink of an eye, as the dustbin capacity is large and detachable. One question that many have, is “What if our coffee mug is large?” Scishare coffee machine is made to have an adjustable height of the cup drip tray, so that one can enjoy their favorite coffee in their most loved mug. Capacity of the water tank is 580 ml, enough for several cups in a row, and you will always know that it is working with the LED light indicator.

Scishare capsule espresso coffee maker  provides with tasty coffee for an affordable price. You no longer have to crave coffee from different shops, as it can be enjoyed right in your kitchen or even office. Bring your attention to this item, if you too are a coffee lover!

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SCISHARE Capsule Espresso Coffee maker

Scishare Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine