Best Selling Alfawise Automatic Multi-Purpose Blender

Smoothie in the morning? And a smoothie in the evening… So, what could possibly be better? Probably both together and every day, please. And this is totally possible with Alfawise NY – 8188MJA Kitchen Smoothie Maker Blender. The mixer will let you experience the best emotions while cooking and make your meals even more enjoyable.

Best selling Multi-Purpose Blender

The mixer features a large blender jar with 1.75 liter capacity. This is enough to feed your whole family and maybe invite over the neighbors. However, the blender will not only allow you to make delicious smoothies but also crush and mix vegetables, dough, cake batter, coffee beans or nuts and get tasty sauces, pastry, or dips.

Multi-Purpose Blender, Alfawise deals

The blender features a powerful 1450W motor which will have no trouble crushing your foods. Moreover, with eight razor stainless-steel blades, the mixer will ensure you get the result quick. And that is, indeed, true because the blades will be able to turn as fast as 30,000 RPM. Furthermore, if you take a closer look at the power unit, you will see that the device has 10 built-in speed settings for different types of food. However, with the power it has, I can hardly imaging when you will need the 10. I used 7th to prepare my Mango smoothie and it crushed the fruits well.

Best Multi-Purpose Blender

The device has another great feature. So, on the main unit you can see two weird power on/off buttons. So, one of them is for the blender, while the other is for pulse mode. So, essentially it allows you to chop fruits or vegetables without turning them into a “pure puree”. This can come handy if you are making a fancy pasta sauce, for instance.

On top of it, the device is totally safe to use, so when the lid is open it will power off automatically. And when using it you need to hear a click – this means the blender is operational. And the kitchen appliance is also very quiet – at least I did not wake my roommates in the morning. Consider it a success.

Multi-Purpose Blender, Alfawise price

The blender can be disassembled in 4 parts, so it is really easy to clean. Just flush under the water, this is it. All the parts are made of environmentally-friendly and safe materials, therefore, you can prepare food for your kids.

One thing I did not really like is the weight. The blender is quite heavy. So, if you are looking for something to put statically in your kitchen, it would suit you well. But if you are planning in keeping it in cupboard and taking it out every morning, chances are, you will forget about it in a couple of weeks. The device is very powerful, so, as a result, heavy.

But apart from that, I did not find any other problems with it because it does its job really well. The blender quietly and quickly cuts or chops vegetables and fruits. Unlock yourself a path to a healthier lifestyle!

Multi-Purpose Blender, Alfawise best seller