Best Selling Antibacterial Universal Mobile Screen Cleaner

We use touchscreens a lot nowadays but there is a problem: they get dirty in an instant. Therefore, in this review we will present you with a solution to the issue: the Hans Swipe Screen Cleaner for gadget screens. Hans Swipe is suitable to clean any screens, such as Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and other mobile devices. It is very easy to use: swipe on, swipe off to clean whenever you need it.

The cleaner is also antimicrobial, however, it does not have any harsh chemicals. It is suitable for any type of screens (or touchscreens) such as tablets, laptops, smartphones. The cleaner also stops germs from spreading. Compact design allows you to take it anywhere you go. The cleaner will last you at least a hundred of cleans.

Hans Swipe universal screen cleaner

Let Hans Swipe help with the job of keeping the screen clean in addition to sanitized. The good thing is that one refill bottle of Hans Swipe Clean is excellent for 1000 cleans and you can cleaning different mobile device surfaces with no harsh chemicals. By the way, Hans Swipe Phone Screen cleaner was developed out of private necessity, and it has evolved into a special cleaning solution for all mobile devices.

HÄNS Swipe - Clean : Screen Cleaner for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Other Devices

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Cleaning side applies HÄNS cleaning solution breaking up grime for a microscopic clean

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