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Hubsan H507A Quadcopter Full HD Selfie Drone

We live in the time selfies – almost everybody loves doing them, the social media is filled with these photos and even the word “selfie” was included in the Oxford English language dictionary. Plus, we now have a new accessory market segment – selfie accessories. It can be a simple selfie stick, a functional smartphone case or a neckband. But probably the coolest way to take selfies is with drones – they hover over you and take photos from a comfortable angle. And if you’re looking for a personal selfie drone, we have a great and one of the best gadgets – the Quadcopter Hubsan H507A Full HD Selfie Drone. Here’s the review.

Best Quadcopter Hubsan Full HD Selfie Drone

The Hubsan H507A is a small, fashionable drone with 4 yellow propellers. The main function of this quadcopter is, as mentioned already, taking selfies. For that, it’s equipped with an HD camera that makes a selfie or shoots a video upon your command in the app. The drone can be helpful for FPV flights while you’re watching the live feed from the smartphone. Also, the Hubsan H507A has a “follow me” mode – it knows where you are and follows you around.

Best Quadcopter Hubsan H507A

As usual, the quadcopter is controlled the smartphone app. Operation is easy to learn and quite clear. Thanks to stable Wi-Fi connection, the Hubsan H507A boasts a long transmission range – up to 100m. The flight time of the quadcopter isn’t its strongest suit – it’s only 10 minutes before it needs to be charged again. Nevertheless, the Hubsan H507A comes with excellent flight features: it can maintain the height, take off and return from one single button push, land automatically if the battery runs low and hover precisely using built-in GPS. Also, if you want to have some fun at night, the drone has 4 colourful LED flash lights beneath each propeller. All in all, the Hubsan H507A is worth looking at if you need a fun selfie accessory.

Hubsan H507A Full HD Selfie Drone

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