Mitchell and Johnson $755 Premium Electrostatic Headphones

Electrostatic headphones are usually more costly than their moving-coil counterparts because of their wider frequency range and the grade of the components utilised in the manufacturing procedure. Even if you search among the most affordable electrostatic headphones, you will observe that they might not be so budget-friendly as some other sorts are.

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Mitchell and Johnson JP1 Portable Electrostatic Headphones will make you love this world, because there would be no reason not to, once you will have the high-quality sound by your side. These headphones are so special because they are equipped with 40mm paper-based dynamic which means that the quality of sound is twice as high as you would normally get.

This also means, that after “burning in” the headphones for approximately 100 hours the pleasure you get from listening to the music will increase dramatically. These high-end earphones are designed to sound better than any alternatives. You will be provided with crystal clear sound as well as a stylish item that will complement your look. Are you still not sure whether to buy them or not? Just try it out. It is worth it. After all, electrostatic headset sitting on top of the headphone gadgets.

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