Best iPhone Security Apps

Upon the whole and since Apple has been seriously concerned about the internal protection of its operating system, any additional antivirus is not required. However, some users often customize their Apple software which is known as jailbreaking. Here is the review of best iPhone Security Apps.

By jailbreaking his device, the owner of the Apple gadget gets both pros and cons. For example, some versions of jailbreaking code use harmless-looking PDF files that are delivered via the browser, using the embedded PDF viewer of the Safari browser as a distribution. This, in turn, opens a small window for cyber crooks. For example, in this way, a Twitter account belonging to the American Fox News was hacked. Another example is adware or so called PUPs – potentially unwanted programs. While pretending to be useful tools, more and more new Apple Store apps have their sole aim of showing excessive adds to users often redirecting them to dubious content and websites. And this makes one wonder whether antivirus protection is needed.
Any Apple security software must meet certain criteria.

Reliability of protection

First of all, any security tool must provide high and reliable protection against different kinds of threats.

Ease of use

It is much more convenient to use an application, which is simple and functional, without any complicated and unnecessary functions.

According to the above criteria, we have selected the following security products.


Among the best security programs for iOS is McAfee Mobile Security. According to the developers, this product is equipped with a new technology to protect mobile devices. The main features of the app are:

    • Notification of an attempt to modify the iOS.
    • Encrypted backups of all files.
    • Ability to remotely wipe contacts.
  • Ability to take secure photos from the app.


A great product from the famous antivirus company called Avast. The first thing to note, it is paid. But has a trial period. Merits include:

  • Encryption of connection when working through public Wi-Fi networks, which makes it impossible to criminals to watch your traffic.
  • Anonymous surfing on the Internet.
  • List of 22 countries to select from.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton is one of the greatest names in the antivirus industry. For many years the company has pleased us with excellent protection suites for desktop computers and laptops, and today it gives us an opportunity to download its free app Norton Mobile Security for iOS. Norton Mobile Security features:

  • Opportunity to find your lost gadget with the device location viewer.
  • Saves the last location of the device before the battery is done.
  • Remote activation of loud alarm “scream” for quick device detection.
  • Ability to control all devices from one account.

So, today we got acquainted with several security apps for Apple devices. Undoubtedly, in the usual sense, these applications are not antiviruses, but all of them are designed to increase the security of your phone and your data. If you are completely confident in the security of your device – then you can live without an antivirus. The choice is yours.

Author: David Balaban