Best Heads Up Display GPS on the Market

GPS technology has exponentially increased in the past few years. Our smartphones are equipped with apps that can pinpoint our location and give accurate directions with great precision. However, it is still cumbersome, and sometimes not safe, to continue to check our phone when navigating or getting a phone call. The Navdy Head-up Display GPS allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road while still taking advantage of smartphone GPS technology.

The Navdy system works in synergy with your Android or IOS phone through the Navdy App. The clear, dashboard-mounted display shows the driver information from your phone’s GPS as well as incoming calls. It can also monitor gas consumption, giving you a warning symbol on the display when gas is low.

The device is controlled two ways. The Navdy Dial attaches to the steering wheel and allows you to do everything from select new routes, to changing songs on the radio, to accepting or rejecting calls. Hand motions can also be used to accept or reject calls so you never have to press a button or even touch your phone, cool features like this make it one of the most intriguing car gadgets on the market.

Best Heads Up Display GPS

The Navdy features some of the most advanced GPS and imaging technology available. The mounted Head-Up display projects the information received from your phone well beyond the glass screen, causing the projection to be focused when looking at the screen. The dash mounted display also houses the GPS chip. Because it is on the dashboard, it offers an unobstructed line of communication to GPS satellites overhead. The display also recognizes the difference between hand gestures used to control it and common hand movement as you steer to prevent any confusion. The display is also designed to withstand extreme heat and cold as well as humidity.

The Navdy System is easy to set up. Simply mount the display onto your dashboard just above your steering wheel. Adjust the screen to match your line of sight while driving. Then download and use the Navdy App to your Android or IOS device to complete the connection between your phone and the Navdy. After that is complete, attach the Navdy Dial to whichever side of the steering wheel feels best for you using the dial’s strap. Now you are ready to start driving.

The Navdy Head-Up GPS allows for maximum practicality and safety while driving. Its state-of-the-art GPS technology allows for accurate navigation. The display is clear and crisp day or night. The added functionality of using your cell phone with a simple wave of your hand keeps your hands off your phone while you drive. It is the perfect companion device for those who spend a lot of time on the road.