HD DVR Dash Cam Car Video Recorder For Safety

It’s rather handy to use a camera in your vehicle. It may seem like a small thing, but it can come in very helpful may there be a crash or some road confusion, where you have to prove your innocence or play a role of a whiteness. It’s especially useful if you are living in a country, where roads and road rules are often neglected. Let us review the specs of the best selling tiny DVR Dash Cam Car Video Recorder, which is the best investment that could come in conveniently in your daily life.

This camera can be easily adjusted on the front glass of any car. It’s rather tiny, precisely only 9*7.7*2.5cm. It comes with an DC 5V adapter and supports USB 2.0 interface. More about its outside looks: it has 1.8 inch LCD screen, so you can also see what is being recorded as well as navigate menu to adjust settings. TF cards will not be included, yet it’s important to note that the device will work on type 512M- 32GB TF card.

Car Video Recorder review

The camera quality of this gadget is quite good. With a photo resolution of 2048×1536 and video pixel of 1280×720 – you can take great pictures and videos. It’s especially handy if you are on a road trip somewhere with amazing views. Also notice its 90 degrees viewing angle, so your landscape shots will have a full frame.

With continuous loop-recording, it will automatically switch off and on as you maneuver your vehicle. Moreover, it features emergency loop-recording which will store the accident video file from overwriting. Of course, all your recordings will have the date and time stamp on it, so you can go back to the exact second.

HD DVR Dash Cam for Car Video Recorder

Car Dash DVR camera has a light flush function, which is an optional feature. But most importantly, the device also offers IR night vision function, which makes it a 24-hour assistant on the roads. In addition, the camera will work in extreme conditions from -10C up to 60C, making it a multi-use device for anywhere in the world.

If you are worried about safety of your wife on the roads, or may you witness many road accidents due to bad drivers in your country – Car Dash DVR Vehicle Camera will provide you with reassurance and assistance on the roads. It’s a rather budget buy, so why not have it as an addition to your car gadgets.

DVR Dash Cam for Car Video Recorder