FPV HD Camera Budget Drone Headless Foldable Quadcopter

Today, drones are becoming more and more widespread. Equipped with photo and video cameras, drones can be used for surveillance or video recording from distance. Also, drones are valuable for transportation – some companies even started executing deliveries using drones. Obviously, having a personal video companion sounds like a great idea but advanced drones cost a lot of money. Therefore, in this review we looked at one of the best budget Drone Visuo XS809W FPV HD Camera Headless Mode Foldable Quadcopter.


This drone, or quadcopter to be more precise, is a simple but very functional device. First of all, it’s fitted with 4 arms and each one has its own propeller. All arms are foldable, which means that the quadcopter can become quite compact and portable for transportation. When folded, the device is only 17cm long, so it can be put in a backpack and carried around. Apart from that, the drone’s body is made from high-quality, durable plastics that ensures its reliability and protects the internals from any accidental mishaps.

Best Drone, Quadcopter with HD Camera

Naturally, Visuo XS809W comes with a built-in HD camera (2.0MP/0.3MP) to always be able to capture the best moments of your life and record videos from the most convenient angle. Due to the 3.7V 900mAh battery, the quadcopter can fly for about 10 minutes which is perfect for taking several photos. Also, the device supports Wi-Fi, so the view from the camera can be displayed in real time in the accompanying smartphone app.

VISUO Quadcopter remote control

As for the control of the quadcopter, everything is pretty simple. 6-axis gyroscope provides steady flight and easy control. A G-sensor mode allows the drone to just follow the movements of the smartphone. Besides, the device has a nice-looking remote controller that actually resembles a gaming console. The remote has all necessary buttons and thanks to the 2.4GHz radio control all operations are done seamlessly. Interestingly, Visuo XS809W has a special return button – you press it and the drone comes back and lands instantly without any other operations.

So, when there is a question about buying a simple, reasonably-priced drone, Visuo XS809W might be the best option. It offers great functionality and gives users a lot of fun.

Best Budget Drone - Quadrocopter with HD Camera