Nice Gift for Kids: Amkov CD-FP Creative Digital Camera

Children are always wanting to grab their parent’s phones and cameras to try and capture their own photographs. With that being said, it can be quite dangerous to allow them to use your phone or camera, with the fact that they can brake them, drop them and so on. Amkov CD-FP Creative Digital Camera is a specially designed for children, that will allow them to capture their own memories and it’s really best gift for kids.

Best Gift for Kids Creative Digital Camera

Amkov camera is offered in a bright green color with a combination of white and blue. The size of the camera is 15.30 x 9.20 x 4.20 cm, large enough for children. The weight is about 0.1290 kg, also great for children. It is made out of silica gel material that is durable and will not be damaged. It can capture with 1.3 megapixels and a maximum of 5.0 megapixels. The screen on this camera is 1.44 inches large, for children to view what they are capturing. The focusing range is 0.5 meters. Children can change the mode on the camera to auto, night portrait, night scene, scenery, sport, party and beach, as well as capture with fun and goofy frames of all kinds.

Kids Creative Digital Camera

To add to all that, this camera supports continuous shot, hands free, and key sound. Built in microphone in this camera, makes the sound in videos clear and loud. Fun selfies for children are also possible with the 2 second, 5 second or 10 second timer. For saving all of the videos and photographs, one can insert 32 GB mini SD card. Another easy method of transferring from the camera to the computer is via a USB 2.0 cable. One not so convenient feature, is that it is powered by an AA battery, however it is made to last for up to 1000 hours, and will need to be replaced not so often.

Amkov CD-FP camera is a fun and great alternative for children who are eager to capture their own photographs and videos. It is dustproof, and damage proof. The price is reasonable and affordable! We recommend that you look into purchasing it for your children or as a gift for others!

Best Gift for children Creative Digital Camera