Best Selling Compact Dash Cam Practical Car Video Recorder

By 2017, DVR cameras are becoming more and more popular. One can use such a device for capturing the unexpected on the road, so if, for example, you are involved in an accident or there is a second-party collision that happened while you were near it. And while some countries won’t allow you to use such self-captured footage, in many they would still let you submit such recording as evidence against insurance fraud. All in all, if you are spending a lot of time on the road, you may consider getting an Compact Dash Cam A118C FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle practical Car Video Recorder. We will review it so you have a better understanding why you may need one.

FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR Dash Cam

The main features of this DVR are, of course, the quality and functions of the camera. A118C – B40C comes with 1.5-inch H.264 with 1080P FHD, as well as it is equipped with the hidden mode. Featuring A118 capacitor version and a safe capacitor, this device will operate very well. Moreover, there is Novatek 96650 chipset with AR0330 CMOS sensor for better functionality of the device.

Compact Dash Cam

The camera has 170 degree wide angle lens, as well as FHD 1080P high-definition seamless cycled recording which makes sure there is not a second of leakage. The camera can swing up and down, left and right and take pictures from different angle. In addition, there is advanced H.264 photography compression technology which also provides the function to lock certain imagines to make sure they are saved for later. Built-in G-sensor is also able to lock and save images or videos in case of collisional accidents. And last, but not least, A118C – B40C DVR can detect motion, which ensures your videos are smooth and clear.

Best Dash Cam Practical Car Video Recorder

Regardless what you may need your DVR for, it’s a good gadget to have. A118C – B40C 1080P FHD 170 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR 18 is a tiny device, weighing only 0.0640kg so it will make a great, almost invisible helper while on the road.

Compact Dash Cam Practical Car Video Recorder