JISIWEI I3 Budget Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

In this review I’m sharing my impressions on one of the best budget robots – Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner JISIWEI I3. There are a few quirks with this model, but one can’t deny the nasty mess it cleaned up – it works much better than one would have ever imagined. This is s a competitor to the ultra well-known Roomba, but at a very big discount making this one more affordable.

I thought I was doing a good job cleaning the floor, but this guy sneaked into places I rarely get to clean (far under the bed, under dresser, etc.) and shocked me at what it cleaned up. I’m using it mostly on wood and tile and I have no complaints to the quality of cleaning.

Budget Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The brushes do a good job getting right up to the furniture without having to ride right beside it; Good suction to pull the dust and debris right up and lock it away. This guy has something most robot vacuums don’t, a large dustbin and two mopping pads. Thus it combines suction, sweeping and mopping all in one. I can even put a little polish on it, and it does the floor, and it’s really great

A big prerogative is that via using the Apple or Android Mobile Smart Phone iPad App, you can remotely control the robot vacuum cleaner at home. Consequently, you can start, stop, change the direction by your phone whenever you want. The remote allows me to on-demand clean, edge clean, circle clean (have the vacuum focus on a specific area by circling it), and of course send the vacuum home to recharge when I think it’s done earlier that it does.

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This is very convenient and practical, and I even occasionally switch my vac on when I’m stuck in a traffic jam on my way to work. To top that, the robot also has Home Security Monitor. It is equipped with 1MP built-in web and Cloud technology. The robot could monitor your house, which enables you to know what is going on inside. At a touch of your phone through the App, the robot can monitor your leaseholders or pets by sending you urgent warning of emergency through snapshot, video and sound recording.

It works wonderfully in the dark, just as it would in the day light. The vacuum also comes with some great extras, 3 extra brushes, and an extra Mopping Pad.

The vacuum does a great job not bumping into most furniture, it does have a protective film crash bumper on the front to protect my furniture if it does get confused.
Overall, there are so many great things about the vacuum that I overlook it’s quirks, even it’s decision to go down the stairs. The proof in the dustbin full of tini-tiny debris and my finally clean floors. JISIWEI I3 is a fantastic product that is a big helper for me.

Best Budget Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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