Budget Ultrasonic BlitzWolf Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a device that must be in every household, especially if you have rugs and carpets. Many wired vacuum cleaners are quite efficient at picking up even the smallest dust particles. But in the era of modern technologies, you’d want to have something more innovative. In this area, there’s nothing more advanced than a smart vacuum cleaner. And we review one of the best budget Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner BlitzWolf Home Cleaning Robotic gadget.

It’s called BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 and it’s basically a robot. It’s a low, circular device with a few LED indicators on top of it. If you think that a wireless vacuum cleaner performs bad, you’re wrong – BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 is a totally professional cleaner with amazing capabilities. Thanks to a powerful motor, it has fantastic suction – 12 000 revolutions per second. That way, it inhales all kinds of trash and dust, even if it’s invisible. Plus, the motor is silent, so it doesn’t make that much noise compared to other vacuum cleaners.Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3

There is another notable element of the construction – a high-speed rolling brush. It comes with better cleaning abilities than brushes on other similar devices. Besides, the combination of fiber and rubber on the brush contributes to more effective dust collecting.

Another advantage of BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 is the ultrasonic technology which makes the cleaner even smarter. It means that the device scans the environment around it. If there’s an obstacle in its way, it will avoid it. Also, if the cleaner started in one place, it will definitely return there after the cleaning session is finished.

BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 is a smart device, which means that it’s controlled by an accompanying smartphone app. It allows users to turn on the vacuum cleaner, program its route around the house or set a cleaning schedule. When the schedule is ready, the cleaner will turn on automatically. Also, because it’s wireless device, it’s powered by a rechargeable 3 350mAh lithium-ion battery. It lasts for around 120 minutes of working time. After it runs out, you just need to pull out the charging dock and fill up the battery one more time.

BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 is an indispensable companion of any housewife. With this device in the house, you can be sure that it will clean your floors and carpets very well by itself, and you won’t even have to control it.

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